Danielle R DMM英会話講師

Danielle R


アメリカ合衆国 DMM英会話講師プロフィール
Hi! I am an American and currently traveling the world. I have learned Spanish and will start learning Thai. I have taught English for 6 months in a language school in the Dominican Republic. My students were from Italy, France, Germany and the DR. Loved working with those kids! I also worked as a network administrator for 7 years and a Planning/Procurement manager for 10 years in a worldwide wind turbine company. So my experience in a variety of jobs can help those who want to start or advance their careers as well as parents who want their kids to advance. I am willing to teach kids of all ages as well as adults, it doesn't matter your level of English. I would be more than happy to help you speak English on a variety of subjects. It would be fun and my pleasure to help you anyway I can. I look forward to meet you soon!
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