Fiona J DMM英会話講師

Fiona J


イギリス DMM講師プロフィール
I am an experienced language teacher, and I live in Spain. I've had several careers though! After getting a degree in English Literature at London University I worked in television for 20 years - producing and directing many different programes and having lots of adventures! When I was 32 I bought a sailing boat for chartering in Ibiza, which was very exciting! It was in Ibiza that I finally started teaching English after completing two TEFL courses over the years. Now I live on the mainland in Spain and I teach both children and adults who want to learn either English or beginner Spanish, and I love it. My third career has been as a writer! I've written articles for magazines and newspapers and my teaching work with children inspired me to write a book of "games" which will be published in the UK. I have also been working on a novel - in English of course! I love teaching as I love to meet new people and share jokes and opinions on movies and TV dramas! See you soon!
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