Maha S DMM英会話講師

Maha S


カナダ DMM講師プロフィール
My name is Maha and I am a friendly, happy and fun teacher. I have been working as a teacher for a few years. I love all my students, and many of them are my good friends! I have extensive travel, work and residence experience across North America, Europe, and Asia. I truly am a citizen of the world! I am fascinated with foreign cultures, languages, food and local customs. I can teach you English and you can tell me about your country and culture! Furthermore, I am a professional and hardworking and a team player. For example, I have lived and worked with fellow teachers from Ecuador, New Zealand, UK, America, India, and Australia. Some of us are still the best of friends, we keep in touch and have traveled together. I hope to meet you soon!
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