Marc Br DMM英会話講師

Marc Br


イギリス DMM講師プロフィール
I have over ten years' experience in teaching English to a range of levels and ages. I have worked for the International House Organisation, as well as other schools in Portugal and the UK. My university degree was in agriculture, so before becoming a teacher, I worked as a manager on a watercress farm in the Algarve. It was a different experience which gave me an insight into the world of business. My real passion though, was language. I decided to become an English tutor because it gives me so much satisfaction helping people to learn my language and seeing that they are learning something useful. I try to make lessons enjoyable and proactive and am happy to share my knowledge with students who want to learn. Away from school and teaching, I like to listen to music, (preferably rock, but any style is good for me), and watch films. My favorite genres are action/adventure or drama with a twist! That's all from me for now. Hope to see you soon!
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