Margie S DMM英会話講師

Margie S


アメリカ合衆国 DMM講師プロフィール
I have a Bachelor of Arts in music. Not long after receiving my degree, I moved to Japan to teach English. Japan then became the inspiration to teach in Korea, and I have since lived in China, Singapore, and Denmark. In addition to teaching, I have experience as a choir director and freelance writer. In my free time, I like experimenting in the kitchen, knitting hats for anyone who will take one, and learning to play the ukulele. I also read a lot and play the piano when I can. One of the best things about teaching English is getting to talk about words and grammar. There’s nothing I enjoy more than debating the finer points of grammar, discussing nuances in word definitions, or working out what it actually means to be fluent in a language—and my love of language and its structure is what drives me to teach.
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