Russell S DMM英語講師

Russell S


イギリス DMM講師プロフィール
Hi, my name is Russell and I am from Manchester in the UK. I am, of course, a native English speaker with a degree in Film/Literature from Manchester Metropolitan University. I am a fully qualified teacher have been teaching English for 12 years both online, in the classroom and as a 1-1 tutor. I am really looking forward to teaching learners from Japan and around the world to enable each and every student to achieve their dreams. My hobbies include sports, reading and visiting historic buildings and sites. I especially enjoy football and live close to the world famous Manchester United FC and Manchester City FC football stadiums. I also love to surf, go to the movies and spend time at the coast in my holiday home. I have a great love and respect for nature and the ocean and I believe we need to do all we can to protect the earth's natural environments.
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