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  • Japanese traditional New Year’s dish



This is a traditional Japanese New Year’s dish called Osechi-ryori. It’s an assortment
of small dishes. Each dish has meaning, and is part of celebrating the New Year and helps usher in good health and prosperity for the family for the year.

Jeremiah 写真家 執筆家
  • Osechi-ryori are traditional Japanese dishes specially served on the New Year holidays.

  • Special New Year's dishes

  • Osechi originally means special dishes for the five seasonal festival (Sekku) in a year.

Osechi の語源が、かつての5つの節句(seasonal festival)に供された料理、節句料理から来ていて、それがのちに正月の節句のみの料理の意味になりました。

  • Traditional Japanese Dish served on new years.

  • Traditional New Years Dish.

You can explain it by saying it is a "traditional dish served on New Years."

You can also say it has a similar look to a "bento box." This explains to people that it has small compartments.
a traditional dish served on New Years と説明でいますね。

また、Bento boxのようなものと説明しても良いでしょう。何種類もの小さな料理からなる一つの料理のことだとわかってもらえるでしょう。


Jody R DMM英会話講師
  • Japanese Traditional New Year's dish

Osechi or Osechi-ryori is unique to Japan and Japanese culture. Therefore, one wouldn't expect to find the English equivalent. A simple description as the aforementioned one will suffice. Since this dish is connected with the New Year's celebration in Japan one might say: Osechi is a Japanese traditional New Year's dish. Once, the meaning is understood, then the word "Osechi" can be used as a proper noun.

"Osechi is a Japanese traditional New Year's dish."



Lashawn DMM英会話講師
  • It's a Japanese New Year compartment box of assorted mini dishes, comprising mostly savoury or seafood taster dishes

  • It's a compartment box of assorted seafood and other mini dishes prepared for the Japanese New Year.

  • It's a traditional Japanese custom to eat these boxed mini seafood dishes at the beginning of New Year

Any of these descriptions gives a brief and general idea of what Osechi is.


Ian W DMM英会話講師
  • Near's Cuisine

  • Specia New year's Dish

The literal translation is New Year's Cuisine, but Osechi Ryori is actually a special New Year's dish prepared by the Japanese that is special only to New Year's. It consists of many layers of food packed in boxes. It is supposed to be consumed by the entire family during New Year's Day. Osechi Ryori is supposed to bring good luck and health, similar to the American version of eating black-eyed peas and collard greens for good luck and wealth. It is also VERY EXPENSIVE! I've heard that it's actually becoming less and less popular in Japan now.
文字通り訳すと"New Year's Cuisine"(新年の料理)となりますが、おせち料理というのは新年のためだけに日本人によって準備された特別な料理です。おせちは箱に入ったたくさんの料理ですよね。元日に家族みんなで食べれるようにと作られたものです。おせち料理は幸運と健康をもたらす食べ物ですが、アメリカにも似たような料理があります。黒豆やコラードの葉を幸運や健康のために食べるのです。これはおせち料理と同じでとても高価です!!わたしはおせち料理がだんだんと人気が無くなってきていると聞きました。


Ashley P DMM英会話講師
  • Traditional Japanese New Year foods

  • Japanese New Year foods

Osechi is a compartment box of assorted seafood and other mini dishes prepared for the Japanese New Year.


Denton DMM英会話講師
  • Japanese traditional dishes prepared especially for New Years celebrations.

  • traditional Japanese celebratory food packed in colorful lacquer boxes.

Japanese traditional dishes prepared especially for New Years celebrations.


traditional Japanese celebratory food packed in colorful lacquer boxes.

These are appropriate ways pf describing Osechi to a non-Japanese speaker.You may also continue by describing what is contained in the dishes in more detail.
Japanese traditional dishes prepared especially for New Years celebrations.

traditional Japanese celebratory food packed in colorful lacquer boxes.



Babz DMM英会話講師
  • Osechi

  • A Japanese traditional New Years dish.

If you would like to know how you can explain "osechi" to someone in English, you can also call it "osechi" or a "Japanese traditional New Years dish.". You can use it in a sentence by saying something like "Me and my family ate OSECHI at a Japanese restaurant last night".
Kharina DMM英会話講師
  • Traditional Japanese New Year's dish.

Osechi is a Japanese traditional dish which is commonly eaten during the New Years holiday's in Japan. Here is an example of a dialogue: Do you enjoy Osechi? Yeah I eat it with my family every New Year's, it is so delicious!
Logan M DMM英会話講師
  • Osechi is a traditional Japanese dish, served during new year

  • Traditional Japanese dish for new year

  • Osechi dish

Osechi is a dish that is unique to Japan, and served during the festive period, at the end of the year

They are similar to bento boxes, because they contain an assortment of foods such as fish, beans and seaweed.

The term osechi originally referred to o-sechi, a season or significant period. New Year's Day was one of the five seasonal festivals in the Imperial Court in Kyoto. This custom of celebrating particular days was introduced from China into Japan.
Lewis M English teacher
  • Osechi

  • Japanese Traditional New Year's Dish

What is that? I have never seen it before.
Oh, this? It is osechi.
What is it?
Well, it is a traditional Japanese food, we usually have it for New Year's
Oh, can I have some.

I hope this helps.
Have a great day.
Will Jay DMM英会話講師
  • Osechi is a traditional Japanese dish served on New Years.

  • Osechi is a traditional New Years dish served in Japan.

  • Osechi is a Japanese dish traditionally served on New Years.

Notice that within all three of these sentences that we can use the exact same words for each sentences, but we can move around different adjectives or ideas like, "New Years," "Japanese/Japan," and, "traditional/traditionally," and still maintain the same meaning.
Jonathan B DMM英会話講師



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